CUSTOM PERSONALIZED collar choker set - make almost any design - black pu Vegan leather


Shipping to United States: $4.79

Collar Kits available in 4 colors:

Sparkly Baby Pink
Mat Black
Sparkly Red
Sparkly Fucshua Hot Pink

Collars available in two sizes:

SMALL - fits neck sizes 12"-15"
LARGE - fits neck sizes 15"-19"

This is for a custom set that will allow you to change the saying/name on the collar any time you feel like it.

All you need is a Philips head screwdriver - check the pics to see

* The collar will fit 9-10 letter/symbols depending on width for example the "I" is much thinner than the "crown"
* The letters will slide while wearing unless you fill up the space with spacers (stars, crowns or hearts)
* If you want to make permanent just hot glue gun the letters
* The listed 38 letter/symbols are included (no substitutions permitted)
* Check the 5th picture to see just some of the phrases that can be made with this set - bet you can come up with more!
* If you need different letters they may be purchased (see second drop down menu to add additional letters for $1.00 each

What's included:

Vegan "leather substitute" adjustable collar as pictured in your choice of 4 colors - Fits necks up to 18.5"

The following Letters/Symbols are included:

A = 1 piece
B = 2 pieces
C = 2 pieces
D = 3 pieces
E = 1 piece
F = 1 piece
G = 1 piece
H = 1 piece
I = 1 piece
K= 1 piece
L = 1 piece
M = 2 piece
N= 1 piece
O = 1 piece
P = 1 piece
Q = 1 piece
R = 1 piece
S = 2 pieces
T = 2 pieces
U = 2 pieces
W = 1 piece
X = 1 piece
Y = 1 piece
HEART = 3 pieces
CROWN = 2 pieces
STAR = 2 pieces

TOTAL = 38 letters/symbols are included with purchase - no substitutions are permitted

*** Any additional letters you require can be purchased as an add on - see second drop down menu

Nice quality item, and I love the little sparkle the letters make in the light! There was a mixup with the letters I received, but the seller quickly sent the correct letters, and an SASE to return the erroneous letters at no charge to me. Will shop here again!

Love the product and quality

Good quality and packed well!